NSN, Nokia Siemens Networks’e iş başvurusunda bulunun / NSN İş İlanları

NSN’in global web sayfasında firma hakkında şöyle bahsediliyor:

We’re focusing our strategy on mobile broadband and services. That’s an addressable market valued at almost €70bn in 2011, and where we hold a strong second position.

This means building on our existing success in mobile broadband and customer experience management – all supported by a strong services organization with highly efficient global delivery.

We’re maintaining high levels of R&D investment in key segments; in fact, our investment in innovation around mobile broadband is expected to increase. In addition, quality remains a priority and is another area where we will be spending more.

By placing mobile broadband and services at the heart of what we do, our goal is to provide the world’s most efficient mobile networks with the intelligence to maximize the value of those networks and the services capability that makes it all work seamlessly.

Our aim is to improve our long term competitiveness and profitability.

On this page you can find links to the overall announcement we made on 23rd of November 2011.


“İş Başvurusu”
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